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Gateway to Achieve Your Future in Germany

In Germany, you can start a peaceful life with a fantastic standard of living. There are facilities of social care offered like health and unemployment insurance, retirement insurance, saving options with tax benefits, and paid holidays provided to you. You can be sure about career opportunities and safe environment in Germany.*

Why Choose Germany for Nursing Career?

With enormous job opportunities ahead, Germany is one of the best career destinations for nurses. The country has embedded efficient social care and safe living atmosphere in its core.

Germany is carved with a well-defined infrastructure and a pollution-free environment. Once you kick-start your career in Germany, you can be sure about providing an excellent education to your kids, on par with the global standards. Your life would go beyond expectations with the efficient healing and healthcare systems in place.

We are welcoming you to save lives and lead a successful life in Germany – well prepared with our support.*

We would be happy to advise you and determine your actual needs together

Initial care

  • Supports skilled nurses to find a job in Germany*
  • Supports in learning German language
  • Helps in the acceptance of your education in Germany
  • Extends financial support (in the form of loans) for both course learning and living cost

Support in Germany

  • Supports in completing the acceptance process and in collecting German diploma
  • Helps you understand German culture better
  • Supports you for registering, creating bank account, and opting for internet usage, mobile contract, etc.
  • Extends support to complete all the administrative formalities

Care Extended to Nurses

  • Helping in accommodating to the lifestyle in Germany
  • Assurance to help in taking up leisure-time activities
  • Ease of handling formalities
  • Hassle-free end-to-end process*

CuraPersonal – Focused on Training and Placing Skilled Nurses

At CuraPersonal, we offer a professional and social work culture. Our objective is not just to help you to start your new carrer, but help you in finance, social care, and cultural integrity. As an organization, we fully support you in clearing all your legal formalities involved in accepting your job in Germany.*

Our motive is to empower you with the skills, which help you make a long-term permanent career as a nurse, in Germany. To make it happen, your first step is to learn German language and achieve a B2 level of certificate in it. Secondly, you can initially start working in Germany during the process of receipt of your certification, which might take 3 months. Finally, you can make a long-term career in Germany, probably till you wish.*

*Our Recruiting/Jobseeking Service is not available for States, and candidates originated in the same, mentioned in the latest version of the attachment for §38 BeschV.

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CuraPersonal GmbH & Co. KG,

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Reach us: +49 6174 25980


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